Selfa Metrology offers temperature calibration services for temperature-reading instruments and equipment. Calibration of temperature-reading instruments and equipment is crucial for ensuring precise and reliable production and efficient use of energy. Our scope of calibration includes service for portable temperature-reading instruments, thermometer calibration for digital, infra-red, bimetal, surface and liquid in glass models, dry-wells and liquid-baths with temperature ranges from -45°C to 700°C as well as ovens and furnaces.

Our customers receive a Calibration Certificate which includes the instrument condition, the traceability, calibration results as well as repairs and adjustments, if applicable, after completion of the calibration.

Selfa Metrology Capabilities

  • Temperature Controllers / Digital Readout Calibration
  • RTD Probe Calibration (ITS-Coefficient)
  • Thermocouple Calibration
    • No Readout & Module
  • Thermometer Calibration
    • Bimetal, Liquid in Glass, Surface
    • Digital
    • Infra-Red
  • Hygrometer Calibration
    • Humidity
    • Dial Type/Temperature w/RH Probe
  • Oven / Furnace Uniformity Surveys
  • Psychrometer Calibration (Dew Point/Sling)
  • Pyrometer Calibration
  • Recorder Calibration
    • Chart Temperature
    • Digital Temperature
    • Humidity (Dial Type), Temperature & Humidity
  • System Accuracy Tests

Since 1980, SELFA Metrology has been the calibration lab you can rely on for quick, reliable and cost-effective instrument calibration services. You can schedule an appointment with our calibration technicians quickly and conveniently by clicking here