Since 1980, SELFA Metrology has been the calibration lab you can rely on for quick, reliable and cost-effective instrument calibration services. Instrument calibration is imperative when accurate measurement readings from tools and instruments is crucial for production of quality products.

Your measuring equipment and tools are key in ensuring production of quality products. At SELFA, we don’t leave accuracy to chance. Our calibration lab offers calibration services and the certification you need. Instrument calibration can be done at our calibration lab in Ikeja, Lagos or onsite at your facility. SELFA Metrology is a division of SELFA Nigeria Limited, a leader in quality testing and measurement solutions since 1980.

  • Internationally traceable standards (NIST, UKAS, DAkkS)
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory
  • Standard equipment
  • Trained and qualified calibration technicians
  • Adjustments and repairs can be made as needed

Instrument Calibration Capabilities

SELFA Metrology provides calibration services for an array of instruments in the categories below:

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Terms of Calibration Service