Selfa Metrology offers mass calibration services which include balance calibration, scale calibration, weight calibration and comparator calibration. While it preferable to calibrate equipment in our temperature-controlled lab in Ikeja, Lagos; some instruments can be calibrated on site at our customers’ facilities by our trained calibration technicians.

Our customers receive a Calibration Certificate which includes the instrument condition, the traceability, calibration results as well as repairs and adjustments, if applicable, after completion of the calibration.

Selfa Metrology Capabilities

  • Weight Calibration
  • Balance Calibration (Scale Calibration)
  • Comparator Calibration

Since 1980, SELFA Metrology has been the calibration lab you can rely on for quick, reliable and cost-effective instrument calibration services. You can schedule an appointment with our calibration technicians quickly and conveniently by clicking here