Dimensional calibration is performed by comparing the performance output of your measuring instrument with a measurement standard to confirm that the item produces results which meet or exceed that standard’s criteria. The details of these results are clearly reported on your Calibration Certificate.

Our customers receive a Calibration Certificate which includes the instrument condition, the traceability, calibration results as well as repairs and adjustments, if applicable, after completion of the calibration.

Selfa Metrology offers dimensional calibration services like the following;

  • Measuring hand tool calibration from calipers, stop watches and micrometer calibration to angle plates and irons
  • Gauge calibration
  • Calibration of masters and length standards

Since 1980, SELFA Metrology has been the calibration lab you can rely on for quick, reliable and cost-effective instrument calibration services. You can schedule an appointment with our calibration technicians quickly and conveniently by clicking here