Are you familiar with the JUMO LOGOSCREEN series? With the devices in this family of paperless recorders you are ideally equipped to collect, archive, and evaluate measured values that must be verified in a tamper-proof manner. The numerous approvals that the devices have received allow them to be used in any number of ways in nearly every industry.


  • Paperless recorders
  • Paperless recorders with FDA approval
  • Paperless recorders with ATEX approval

Recording, archiving, and evaluating …
… are well-known concepts in mea- surement technology, defined by the recorder device group. JUMO paperless recorders quickly and securely record process data, save/archive it, and make it accessible to the PC for tamper-proof evaluation.


… was designed as a high-quality replacement for paper recorders and is the basic device in the JUMO paperless recorder series. It features a maximum of 6 universal inputs, a 5.7″ TFT color display with touchscreen operation, and the option to monitor limit values. The paperless recorder is also network- compatible.

JUMO LOGOSCREEN 600 - Paperless Recorder with Touchscreen (706520)


… fulfills demanding recording tasks such as batch reporting, creates mathematical and logical links between process data, and can visualize data online via a web server. The “fd” version fulfills the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 concerning electronic recording of process data.

JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt - Paperless Recorder (706581)               JUMO LOGOSCREEN fd - Secure Data Management and FDA Compliant Measured Data Recording (706585)


… enables the construction of a decentralized system for collecting and archiving a maximum of 54 analog measuring channels and 54 digital channels.