To protect people, the environment, the plant, and the product, monitoring temperature limit values is especially important in numerous technical areas of plants and even required by legal regulations in many cases. With SELFA, you can operate your plant safely, whether with electronic or electromechanical products.


  • Safety temperature limiters/monitors according to DIN 14597 with ATEX and SIL approval available as an option
  • Electronic thermostats
  • Panel-mounted thermostats
  • Surface-mounted thermostats
  • Ex thermostats
  • Dial thermometers

Monitoring with electronic safety temperature limiters/monitors and electromechanical thermostats

Electronic temperature monitoring is vital in many applications. In particular when it involves safety-related temperature monitoring of special system equipment which can pose an enormous hazard to people, the environment, the product, and production system when defined limit values are not observed. With the safetyM product line we offer sophisticated electronic temperature limiters/monitors to avoid such hazards. The advantage of SIL-certified devices: in case the plant’s defined maximum or minimum temperature is exceeded or not reached, the electronics ensure that the plant is shut down with the utmost precision.

In applications where no auxiliary energy can be supplied to power the electronics, the electromechanical thermostats reliably perform their tasks and therefore play a crucial role in ensuring a safe production plant or equipment design. The thermostats operate according to the liquid expansion principle: the liquids in the measuring system expand when heated and transmission mechanics activate a microswitch which then safely shuts down the system.

JUMO safetyM STB/STW - Safety temperature limiter and safety temperature monitor according to DIN EN 14597 (701150)   JUMO safetyM TB/TW08 Temperature Limiter and Temperature Monitor According to DIN EN 14597 JUMO frostTHERM-ATE (604170) JUMO safetyM TB/TW - Temperature Limiter and Temperature Monitor According to DIN EN 14597