Our range of analytical measurement products focuses on the most import- ant chemical and electrochemical measurands in liquid media. This includes the pH value, redox potential, and ammonia as well as the electrolytic conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, free chlorine/total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen per- oxide, and peracetic acid. Sensors and measuring devices from JUMO are used in a variety of areas ranging from drinking, service, and process water preparation. JUMO is now one of the leading manufacturers of measuring devices and sensors (including accessories) for electrochemical measurands.


  • pH value and redox measurement
  • Electrolytic conductivity measurement (inductive and conductive)
  • Membrane-covered sensors
  • Turbidity measurement
  • Multichannel measuring devices
  • Intelligent, bus-compatible connection system for digital sensors

SELFA has a strategic distribution partnership with JUMO in Nigeria.  The JUMO brand has been synonymous with industrial instrumentation products for the sensing, recording and controlling of temperature, pressure, humidity and analytical systems since 1947. JUMO is a worldwide trademark for measurement and control technology from Fulda, Germany.

From sensors to the modular multichannel measuring device
Water is the basis of all life on the planet. It is sufficiently available when you consider that approximately 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with seawater. The water, however, is not evenly distributed and is not suitable for immediate use in every state. This places a wide range of demands on measurement technology. Whether dealing with drinking water, swimming pool water, tap water, ultra-pure water, service water, process water, or cooling water – every sector has its own requirements when it comes to the sensors and devices for measuring key quality parameters.

Before water can be used, it often needs to be treated or brought to a desired state using chemical additives. The JUMO analytical measurement sensors and controllers help with these procedures in an established manner. From a simple top-hat rail transmitter to the multichannel controller and recorder, the user has a wide range of options from which to select.

With the JUMO CTI-500/750 series of inductive conductivity measuring devices JUMO has earned a permanent spot with the plant manufacturers and operators in the food and beverages industry. Here, JUMO consistently meets the special hygienic requirements.