Our decades of experience with pressure measurement technology forms the basis for our developments in the field of hydrostatic level measurement. We offer solutions for pressurized and depressurized containers, wells, and waterbodies. You can record the level with level probes or pressure transmitters depending on the application.


  • Level probes (hydrostatic)
  • Pressure measuring devices, optionally available with ATEX approval (hydrostatic)
  • Differential pressure transmitters (hydrostatic)
  • Floats (mechanical)

SELFA has a strategic distribution partnership with JUMO in Nigeria.  The JUMO brand has been synonymous with industrial instrumentation products for the sensing, recording and controlling of temperature, pressure, humidity and analytical systems since 1947. JUMO is a worldwide trademark for measurement and control technology from Fulda, Germany.

Hydrostatic level measurement: pressure as a means to an end
When taking level measurements, pressure measuring devices operate according to the hydrostatic principle. The hydrostatic pressure is created in a liquid by a liquid column located above a sensor and always behaves in proportion to the sensor’s immersion depth.

The pressure measuring device is selected depending on the measuring task. Level probes and pressure measuring devices developed especially for determining the level are available for depressurized tanks or open bodies of water. The rack purification plant of a water works is one example of an application.

JUMO MIDAS DP10 or JUMO dTRANS p20 DELTA differential pressure measuring devices are the preferred solution for use on pressurized tanks. For hygienic reasons, the level can also be recorded from the outside using a relative pressure or differential pressure measuring device.

A high level of accuracy, reliability, and quality are crucial for every measure- ment. If the measured values are not correct then the individual steps within an entire process chain can come to a complete standstill.

In addition to end devices, JUMO also offers mechanical floats for producing float switches.