SELFA offers a very comprehensive and cutting-edge range of devices for measuring relative humidity and the measurands associated with air humidity. The devices are designed for most applications in air-conditioning and ventilation technology as well as for sophisticated industrial applications.


  • Measuring probes (capacitive) for air-conditioning measurement technology and building automation
  • Measuring probes (capacitive) for air-conditioning and CO2 monitoring
  • Measuring probes (capacitive) for sophisticated industrial applications
  • Intrinsically safe industrial measuring probes (ATEX)
  • Measuring probes (capacitive) with intelligent interchangeable probes
  • Measuring probes (hygrometric) for air-conditioning and ventilation technology
  • Hygrostats (hygrometric) for monitoring air humidity
  • Measuring probes with wireless data transmission

Measuring probes for humidity

As a leading manufacturer of measurement and control technology, JUMO also offers a comprehensive range of measurement technology products designed for air humidity and carbon dioxide measurement in the air-conditioning and ventilation sector as well as for building automation. Depending on the application, various measuring probes are available with both capacitive and hygrometric sensor technology. Hygrostats as pure switching devices are also available. CO2 measuring probes use a proven infrared technology.

Very high-quality and robust micro-processor-controlled measuring probes are available for sophisticated industrial measuring tasks. They can also be used to output additional measurands such as absolute humidity, dew point temperature, mixing ratio, etc. The out- standing features include stable and reliable measurements, high measuring accuracy, traceable measuring results, and a wide range of configuration options directly on the measuring probe.

Devices equipped with intelligent interchangeable probes, devices with intrinsically safe measuring probes for applications in Ex-areas, and devices with wireless data transmission round off the product range.

A reliable after-sales service for maintenance and calibration purposes completes the range. With JUMO as your partner in humidity measurement technology you are in the best hands possible.