SELFA offers you products with various features for flow measurement. In addition to differential pressure transmitters, Our product range also includes paddle- wheel flow sensors and electromagnetic flowmeters. As such, we have the right solution for all your applications, regardless of whether you’re measuring the flow of gas, liquids, or slurry.


  • Flowmeters for vapors, gases, and liquids
  • Electromagnetic flowmeters
  • Paddlewheel flow sensors
  • Differential pressure transmitters

SELFA has a strategic distribution partnership with JUMO in Nigeria.  The JUMO brand has been synonymous with industrial instrumentation products for the sensing, recording and controlling of temperature, pressure, humidity and analytical systems since 1947. JUMO is a worldwide trademark for measurement and control technology from Fulda, Germany.

Precision flow measurement for continuous monitoring and controlling

JUMO helps you safely design your process technology with sensors known for their long-term stability and precision. Depending on the application, we can provide the right flow sensors for liquids, gases, or vapors. We can also provide ATEX approval if required. If adjusted to the corresponding evaluation devices and controllers, the devices allow the flow to be measured, displayed, controlled, or recorded.

The JUMO product range comprises a wide range of devices. Orifice plates and Pitot probes offer the greatest device variety. When these are combined with differential pressure transmitters they also provide the best measuring accuracy.

We also offer electromagnetic flowmeters for flow measurements in liquids in particular. The devices were developed for industrial and hygienic applications. They are particularly flexible and available with a large variety of nominal widths, measuring tube linings, materials, and process connections.