However different the production processes in various industries may be, they all have in common that process variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, and level often need to be controlled with the highest levels of accuracy. You will be sure to find the right controller for your application in our product range, which spans from inexpensive electromechanical and electronic thermostats to digital compact controllers and multichannel automation systems.


  • Single channel/multichannel controllers
  • Process/program controllers
  • Panel-mounted thermostats
  • Surface-mounted thermostats
  • Contact dial thermometers as displays and controllers
  • Frost protection thermostats

Programmable electronic controllers

Precision control of a wide range of measured values such as temperature, pressure, humidity, level, and many other measured values is crucial in today’s industrial and process applications for consistently-high product quality. With our array of electronic controller products ranging from single channel controllers to multichannel screen controllers we provide the right solutions for your control requirements. The integrated self-optimization function ensures fast startup and cost savings at the same time. The universal measurement input enables the connection of a wide range of sensors while providing a high level of application flexibility. The optional interface technology allows for integration into the management and control systems and thereby reduces the load placed on the control technology.

JUMO DICON touch - Two-Channel Process and Program Controller with Paperless Recorder and Touchscreen (703571)   JUMO IMAGO F3000 - Process Control for the Meat Processing Industry (700101)     JUMO IMAGO 500 - Multichannel Process Controller and Program Controller (703590)

Electromechanical thermostats

Electromechanical thermostats are used in both the heating and air- conditioning industry as well as in building automation. Temperatures in a variety of processes can be con- trolled without using auxiliary energy. Explosion-protected surface-mounted thermostats make it possible to control the maximum temperature of electrical heating cables in industrial applications. Here, the thermostat stands out with its resistance to electromagnetic interference.

Surface-Mounted Single Thermostats, ATH series (603021)  JUMO heatTHERM-AT/JUMO heatTHERM-DR (603070)  MICROSTAT-M (60.8501)  Hygrostat (Hygrometric) (907032)   Contact dial thermometer  (60.8520)