To ensure smooth process and production procedures you need dependable systems that SELFA can provide. These range from thyristor power switches, temperature transmitters, and digital indicators to the JUMO mTRON T automation system. We meet all your automation and visualization demands.


  • Indicating devices
  • Automation software
  • Power controllers/solid state relays
  • System technology
  • Transmitters
  • Wireless transmitters
  • Software and accessories

Thyristor power controllers and solid state relays

In many electrically operated heating systems, solid state relays ensure wearfree switching operations with high currents and therefore play a key role in ensuring high heater availability. Using the JUMO TYA 200 series provides key ad- vantages in thermal applications where the precision dose of electrical heat output is vital for product quality and also for ensuring energy efficiency.

Temperature transmitters

The JUMO dTRANS T series offers the right transmitter for your specific application. Whether for head or mounting rail installation, the converter transforms the temperature determined by the connected temperature sensor into a precise standard signal for further processing in your production plant. In Ex-applications, the Ex-i repeater power supply/input isolating amplifier ensures secure separation of the Ex and non-Ex area.

JUMO Wtrans B - Programmable Head Transmitter with Wireless Data Transmission (707060) JUMO dTRANS T04 - Four-Wire Transmitter (707040) JUMO dTRANS T06 - Multifunctional Four-Wire Transmitter in Mounting Rail Case (707071)

Digital indicators

Digital indicators enable a precise on-site display of process values and allow you to keep an eye on values that are important for a smooth production process.

JUMO mTRON T automation system

With the JUMO mTRON T system you can flexibly control your production system. The integrated PLC (CODESYS V3) allows you to create customized PLC programs according to IEC 61131-3.

JUMO mTRON T - Multifunction Panel 840 (705060)