SELFA Instrumentation & Automation…supporting process automation and control since 1980

Since 1980, SELFA has evolved into a reputable supplier of automation and instrumentation solutions to many of Nigeria’s major manufacturing and process plants. SELFA is the official representative of some internationally renowned manufacturers for Nigeria, and the West African Region in general.  Our range of suppliable equipment is made up of a well-balanced cross-section of process control instrumentation and sensors for our customers.

The extensive product range we supply includes temperature controllers and programmers from simple electronic thermostats and displays ranging to PID single and multi-loop process controllers and programmers.

Our products are at the cutting edge of technology supported by PC compatible control and recording equipment and software solutions to enable customers to fully interrogate their process variables. Process equipment can be supplied to exacting industrial standards such as HART, Profibus-DP and CANbus protocols.

The company is committed to the supply of quality products and service and is certified under SON NIS ISO 9001:2008

We will gladly advise and assist in specifying all equipment in an effort to ensure that the most suitable equipment is purchased by the customer.

Our staff, through experience and regular training have extensive knowledge of our range of products. Our technical staff have extensive hands on experience in a wide range of industrial applications.  We are happy to assist you with many applications that you may require.

SELFA has a strategic distribution partnership with JUMO in Nigeria.  The JUMO brand has been synonymous with industrial instrumentation products for the sensing, recording and controlling of temperature, pressure, humidity and analytical systems (such as pH, Redox, conductivity, dissolved oxygen etc) since 1947. JUMO is a worldwide trademark for measurement and control technology from Fulda, Germany.